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“I came across with Meravita when I had to choose between iron supplements available at pharmacies and a bit more pleasant solution that would also be effective. Looking around I found Meravita’s website, and after I’d seen they also had iron capsules, I also ordered them. After I’d used them for 30 days I went to my family physician to check my iron level and the results were amazing. At some point I felt a lot more energized and my skin quality had become better. I wouldn’t have believed that it all might have been caused by vitamin deficiency. But after I had seen the results I was so happy I didn’t have to use bitter tablets any longer to obtain the necessary substances. Now I take the Meravita iron supplement regularly and I’ve also recommended it to people who have had the same problem – to those who have problems getting iron from food.”

Jaanika Arulepp

“I started taking Meravita vitamins and after some time I noticed that this year I had skipped the springtime lethargy and I am full of energy. The condition of my skin has improved, my nails grow faster and my hair ends are not split any more. The vitamins are easy to use, and this really helps to keep the consistency.” 

Ivi Rool


“My facial skin seems healthy and my girlfriends keep asking whether I have been sunbathing. I said that all I do is eat healthy and take Meravita personalised vitamins. Also, my nails and hair seem much healthier too. I’m satisfied with the changes and believe that Meravita vitamins play an important role in that.”

Heily Epro


“Meravita vitamins helped me prepare for fitness competitions. An athlete who is preparing for competitions has to train heavily. In my area, we also have to diet to achieve a low fat percentage. In a situation like that vitamin deficiency can easily occur, and I felt really well how personalised vitamins helped me. I had more energy to train, illnesses didn’t catch me. Fitness capsules for women helped to limit my appetite and burn more fat during trainings. While lifting weights during training there is a great load on joints. Joint capsules with cordyceps helped them move well and there was no cracking sound anymore. Digestion was controlled with Detox capsules that helped to achieve a nice flat belly when I had to go on the stage. I believe in Meravita products since they all have been put together using different components that support one another and all the ingredients are natural.”

Esta Pilt 

“Pharmacy shelves are packed with different food supplements and choosing the right one from among them is practically impossible. Meravita vitamins give me an option to choose the content and the quantities of the vitamins myself.”


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