Why choose Meravita?

Meravita’s unique approach is to produce vitamin and mineral supplements based on the customers’ individual needs.

All Meravita products are made in Estonia. Where quality is concerned, no compromises are made in selection of raw material and all products contain only the best possible ingredient combinations.

All Meravita products are GMO-, preservative-, and gluten-free and are suitable for vegetarians as our capsules are of plant origin.

Keeping you healthy For the personalized approach, the Meravita team has developed a questionnaire to help collect information on individual health, lifestyle, and habits. Based on all of the above, personalized nutritional supplements can be developed which contain just the required amount and proportion of vitamins and minerals for the individual.

The human body needs both fat-soluble and watersoluble vitamins on a daily basis. The so-called readyto-use vitamin products sold at your local drug store focus in most cases on one type of vitamins only.

Inspired by nature!

Meravita uses high-quality GMO-free raw material

Meravita uses only GMO- and gluten-free premium quality raw material. Use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) may bring about undesired side effects such as allergies and gastrointestinal disorders and have a toxic effect. Furthermore, genetically modified plants yield lower nutritional values and cultivation of such plants is destructive to the world’s biodiversity.

Meravita is gluten-free

We want our nutritional products to be well-suited to as many people as possible. To that end, Meravita products are gluten-free and our capsules are made from plant material.

Meravita products are suitable for vegetarians

Synthetic preservatives added to a product may indeed result in a more attractive and appetizing appearance, yet such preservatives may also bring about a series of unpleasant eff ects such as headache, diffi culty in concentrating, and allergies. Mariavite’s ideology dictates the use of raw material of plant origin* because we know that a vegetable-based product with no added preservatives guarantees a positive and medicative eff ect on the body.

* With the exception of Detox Chitosan and Eye Capsules

Health Atlas

Meravita has developed the Health Atlas system which looks at the human body as a whole, dividing it into diff erent organ systems, laying the foundation for development of nutritional products providing holistic support and ensuring long-lasting energy and buoyancy for the individual.

Objectives of development and division of the Meravita product range

The concept of Meravita relies on Estonian, Chinese, Indian, South-Korean and other national folk medicine. Product range covers all of the human needs - so to speak, the entire HEALTH ATLAS of a human being.

Why prefer Meravita?

Meravita Health Programme Ordinary non-prescription preparations
Meravita boosts your organism and prevents you from falling ill Only dealing with treating illnesses and the consequences
Personalised products ensure that the specific needs of your body are met Is based on the products generalising the needs of people and thus entails a risk of overdose
The products take into consideration the seasons and changes in lifestyle and the related needs of nutrients in the organism, keeping your immune system effective Strengthening your organism only during a certain period and further straining your body by using inappropriate products
Your personal health manager monitors your health indicators and recommends the products that would suit the needs of your body Lack of knowledge about the necessity and compatibility of the productsus.
The products of Meravita cover the needs of your organism as an integrated whole Occasional coverage of the needs of the organism through products that duplicate one another
In cooperation with scientists, Meravita contributes to the development of public health, organising respective conferences and radio broadcasts Gathering information from different unverified sources